Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delhi - 6

I just saw Delhi 6 and I wanted to put in some words regarding the movie from my point of view. I read the initial set of reviews, and as usual there are some who liked it and some who didnt. I dont have a totally polarized opinion of the movie. It was good in parts with the first half being very engaging, and humorous. The second half, works hard to tie in a lot of the disjoint first half, and bring itself to a rather eventful climax. But the underlying issue that leads to this climax is a little weak, almost forced just to get the story to the end. Ofcourse, the way the movie got stretched at the end was a little too much, and it seems the Bachchans come as a package deal - If you get one, you get another one free! The music is awesome, and you need to see the video of masakali to really appreciate the song. On the other hand, not really. The songs dont take aaway from the movie, and are part of the flow, which is cool. Technically, and dialogue wise, the movie is pretty good. Sonam Kapoor is really good, and Abhishek I guess has done an ok sort of role. I am still a little confused if he's actually like that in real life, because he sure doesnt sound like he had an American accent. It was more like an Indian trying to speak English with a fake accent, like Salman Khan. All the others have done a pretty good job. So overall, I recommend people to watch the movie for the first half, and most of the second half. Its a little preachy, and unfortunately it preaches an oft repeated communal message. But I guess a reminder never hurt any one. The only downside to the movie is the extended post climax section dragging itself to the end of the movie. I would recommend and say its a one time watch.


sandeep said...

guess ... during this troubled times, we can do well with some more reminders :)

i got to see it too

Rinchen said...

What a movie, wasnt it? :P

I agree with all the listed points.

Hey, Pligh - rhyming with fly and the bit about the C&H without the awesome art was brilliant :)