Thursday, May 3, 2007

Meth Marathon

Back in the 1960s, getting high wasn't about climbing the local hill, but something u did by breathing in. The world was a happier place and a lot of people got lucky without having to work hard or look good! Damn, those hippies! This post isnt about the Swinging sixties, but about the rather large scale use of intoxicants that happened then. Ofcourse things have changed over the last couple of decades. Recreational drug usage, is nowadays always immediately associated with abuse and hence gets categorized under dangerous and potentially harmful. I don't advocate it, but I am not against the whole 'getting high' business. I think people, who can handle it, and enjoy it without ending up abusing the substance, should do it.
So, when I came across this article which gives an account of a bunch of well heeled, social drug users and 72 hours in their life while they were riding the white lightning (or something of a similar nature called meth) , it was interesting enough to warrant a post. They close themselves off and take off to mental pleasures unheard of. Its quite a marathon drug use session and the article is just as long too! Interestingly, crystal meth, their poison of choice, has many websites like this dedicated to telling you how bad it is. Well, whatever! Those guys had fun.