Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now they blame us for eating too much

Back in the days when Marvin Gaye sang
'Oh, mercy mercy me
Oh, things ain't what they used to be...'
people worried about radiation in the earth and oil wasted in the sea. But these days, even worries aren’t what they used to be...
People are becoming more and more stupid. Case in example, George W Bush. Ok, ok, everybody by now acknowledges that the leader of the free world has taken the concept of free speech to amusing levels. One wonders whether he has speech writers or whether there are a bunch of people who constantly bang their heads against the wall whenever the president says whatever he feels like... Most recently, Bush went on record to state that the food problem in the world is because we Indians are eating too much. Really, Mr. Bush?
Look, dude (referring to Mr. Dubya), you have no right to call us over eaters. Not from a country that’s fighting obesity as strongly as it is terrorism. Somalia, or some poor African country can. I won’t argue with them. But if you point out that the food crisis in America is because of India (or China), well, like the following article in TIME magazine says… “India to America: Eat Less, Fatties!
It seems as if there's anything wrong with the world, it has to be due to something the 'third world countries' are doing. Its like with the time where they blamed us for all the pollution in the world. When the supposedly 'first world countries' were running their industries the skies, that was ok. Now our side of the world is trying to advance, and we have to be careful about not polluting the world?? Well, cough it up, u lazy obese slobs... Asia and the supposed 'third world countries' are here to stay, and we want our pound of flesh too...