Thursday, June 5, 2008

My first RAW (Really Arbitary Writing) post

Sometimes, I get this urge to write. Just pen down some words which might or might not mean anything. Its not a urge, its a need almost. I dont understand it, but I am usually too lazy or too busy with something else to actually go through with it. The other problem is that most of my thoughts are pretty disorganised, and then having to organize them, and write properly becomes a chore. Why cant we write unbridled, un-spell-checked, and free from the needs of strict decorum. If we can use words we think of, and dont have to worry whether the context is right. If sometimes, we can write exactly how we think. Because in our heads, we dont have grammar, we dont have proper syntax. Atleast not in my head! So, for a change, I decided to put in a post exactly how it came out of my head. These are the words I'm thinking and typing at the same time. Ya, I am a little fast in the typing department, so I can type and cover most of my thoughts and then think some more. <pause to think>
I go read others blogs and I find them so well made, so properly done, and I think, so much effort. But then I see the readership in their blogs, and compare that with mine, and I see why. I guess, it really requires some amount of skill to be a good writer as opposed to just wanting to write because u can. Big realization, I know, but sometimes just saying it out makes it seem more important than just calling it a cliche!
So there it is. A blogpost that hasnt been thought through fully. Just written,as the thoughts came. I guess, its a little consistent, but at the same time, pretty disjointed in its messaging.

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