Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life - in a few short words

There are times when I wonder.. I wonder about life? I wonder why I keep doing what I am doing? Am I happy? Is this all worth it? Why did Vidya Balan do Heyy Baby? Albus Dumbledore is gay?? I guess I get confused a lot and the only thing I have been able to figure out that the choices we make, define our life... *Sigh*...

But ever so often, there are some moments of clarity, when, viewing life in its entirety, its not as bad as I usually think it to be. The silver lining. But I think that's because of the booze... You know, the world will be a much better place with more drunk people. There might be a lot of drunken revelry and slurred speeches, but then everybody's happy, right? So, there'll be a hell of a mess to clean up, but everybody's.... happy?

Anyway, getting back to life... wait, no, it should be coming back to life...

Describing life is difficult, or even summarizing it in a few words is quite tough. Interestingly, there are people who have been able to do it in such a way, that it all makes sense. Without further explanation, I'll defer to wrecktangle who's summarized life quite succinctly...

"....Life –
    1. Some friends.
    2. Some alcohol.
    3. Some music.
    4. Some books.
    5. Some movies.
    6. Some things stay the same. Thank god for that."

There's more in that post and its really good. Link to the entire post.

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